The Ladybird Nursery School

The Ladybird Nursery School

Very sadly after 43 years Ladybird will be closing it's doors for the last time in July 2018 due to the lease not being renewed.
There are however still spaces available from now until then!

Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School
"The most precious gift we can give to your
child is a love of being at school"



 "Ladybird is a joyful place! Encouraging learning and social development with a healthy dose of fun. The children are given full attention by a team generous staff that manage to create an safe, enjoyable environment that instils respect, kindness to oneself and others"
 "Our little boy was so enamoured with going to Ladybird that he would ask us to go for evening walks around Collingham Gardens in order to check that he wasn't missing out on after school activities"  


 Ladybird is the perfect mix of play and learning. My children thrived at Ladybird and certainly hit the ground running when they moved on to their prep school. Thank you Fanny!



 The Ladybird is the longest established nursery school in Kensington with a focus on happy children - they certainly achieve it.

Their head, Fanny Ward is quite simply remarkable.  Her energy never stops for a single moment.  My children skipped to school each day in anticipation of spending time in the happiest environment filled with love and brilliant teaching.    Fanny’s love of children permeates through the school which is nestled in the gardens of St Judes Church.  My children flourished under her care, and the creative passion of her teachers who provided a solid academic foundation. The classrooms and walls are filled joy and inspiration from every child.  The theatrical performances had every parent mesmerised - they were astonishingly brilliant.  
I can also tell you that the same teaching staff who taught my son and daughter eight years ago are still teaching there today.  Everyone loves The Ladybird School!


 “For our little Lorenzo, Ladybird is a home away from home, a place where wonderful things happen and learning is always accomplished with a bit of fun. Fanny has created a magical place with a distinctive personal touch, where kids absorb values before notions and where respect and discipline is matched with a smile and lightness of touch.”

Antonio & Ambre


 We fell in love with Ladybird Nursery the moment we walked through the door.  It was exactly what we were looking for - a caring, nurturing environment with teachers that encouraged the children to be social, to be creative and to be respectful of one another.  And a headmistress who greeted them everyday with a beaming smile!! Throughout our two years at the nursery we weren't disappointed a single day.  Thank you!!



 "You could not ask for a happier start for your children than at Ladybird. It has an extremely warm, friendly environment in which your children will play and learn happily.  It may not have the glossy appearance or tonnes of gadgetry of other nurseries - it is simple, old fashioned and Fanny knows exactly what she is doing after decades of experience. The staff are outstanding and most have been there for many years, which is highly unusual in a London nursery - testament to what a lovely environment Fanny has created. Generations of families have sent their children to Ladybird and Fanny is legendary. She greets every child with a cheerful welcome every morning and her termly shows with homemade costumes are so charming they will have you in floods of tears. It also has a really good quiet garden for playing, again, unusual for central London. I have so many happy memories of my 3 children's time at Ladybird I could get quite tearful remembering them! Run don't walk to get yourself a place there. "



 Ladybird is the little gem we were hoping to find when moving to London. A truly welcoming and nurturing environment, a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and a fun loving community of parents: our child is thriving there and made many friends.



We were recommended Ladybirds Nursery by a school friend who was taught by Fanny.  It was the most wonderful recommendation we could have had.  The nursery school is charming, friendly a nurturing environment, amazing kind teachers, and what's more it has a dog and a garden!.  Our daughter was very shy when she first arrived within a term we could notice a huge difference in her.  She had so much more confidence and she has flourished as a result of Ladybirds Nursery.  Our son is going in September so we have another two years of such a happy and special place.
We would have no hesitation in recommending the Ladybirds Nursery to anyone. It is simply brilliant.



 My fourth child, Alexander, attended Ladybird nursery from 2012 to 2014. He had the best experience as he was discovering school life.I am now convinced Fanny has got magical powers and I wish I had known her and Ladybird 19 years ago when I had my first child.  



 'Ladybird was the best start into school life I could possibly give to my three children. I can only highly recommend it!''My three children have extremely fond memories of their years at Ladybird Nursery School and thinking of it puts a smile on their face!'

Enrica (Mother of Maximilian, Camilla and Nicolas)


  Ladybird Nursery School is a little gem in South Ken. It is a down-to-hearth nursery, where Fanny and her teachers are extremely sensitive to each child’s needs. My children had a fantastic time there discovering and learning so much. They have learnt to manage their emotions and have built strong friendships. While they had a great time there, they also have been incredibly well prepared to face the next step of their education.  



 'My daughters adored their time at Ladybird - and so did I! It was such a happy place and was perfect for preparing them for school life. They still have great friends they made during their time there.' 


 Both my daughters attended Ladybird and both them and I have been absolutely thrilled with the nursery school.
From my very first meeting with the headmistress, Fanny Ward, I got the warmest feeling of the school when she took me on a tour of the delightful gardens that the children play in daily, whilst telling me of her life long desire to run a nursery school ever since she used to play schools with her dollies as a young girl. The outside space in particular is really something special for a central London nursery and is very rare these days.
Both my girls have been such happy little ladybirds. I have never had a single complaint from either of them about going to school which is a testament to the warm and happy place that it is. They skip down the road very merrily each morning. My eldest, now at big school, still talks happily of her time at ladybirds and we have had to make a few early morning dashes to the school so she can say hello to her wonderful teachers before getting to her own school gates for 9!
It is a place where the children are happy and nurtured. The children play and cook and get grubby and come out rosy cheeked. I am eternally grateful for the happy times Ladybird has given to my two girls and highly highly recommend it!



 Alexander was at The Ladybird for 3 terms and he loved it and it was a fantastic start to his school years. I loved it too, I loved how welcome I felt and how the teachers always had time to chat. The atmosphere was always warm and friendly and the other parents too. I can't recommend it highly enough. 



 The years Iona spent at Ladybird were the happiest start to “education” that she or us could ever have wished for.  She skipped into school each day and began to develop a happy love for learning, what more could you ask for!  

Lorna & Philip


 At Ladybird the children are really happy. Every child is deeply understood and stimulated with love, care and strong experience. Both our girls - Sofia and Arabella - blossomed during their time at Ladybird.



One of the best decisions I ever made was sending out daughter to Ladybird 
Not only was the nursery a fun ,nurturing, safe and friendly environment for my daughter (who still tells me she misses ladybird nearly a year after she left) My daughter and I also made lasting friendships with the parents and children from her class.I also found all the teachers very approachable and Leela thoroughly enjoyed learning from them.
Leela was more than  prepared for reception class and had so much confidence when she started school.
I can't recommend this nursery enough 
Yvette Robinson


 I am very happy to highly recommend The Ladybird Nursery. I have done so to many of my friends who have been equally happy with such a nurturing, playful start of their time away from home. Very loyal staff who still remember all of my four kids when I bump into them from time to time. My son is turning 16 next week - at a top London school which suits him very well - and you still remembered the drawing of a train he made 12 years ago. My children have all been very happy at the Ladybird, fondly remember various things like Snow white, the Bad Tempered Ladybird, the teachers, Merlin, and of course the pink biscuits. Without applying any pressure, Fanny and the teachers have a keen eye for each child's ability from a very young age and I have returned for advice even after they moved on to lower school. 

A gem of a nursery. 



 I have been fortunate enough to send my two children to Ladybird Nursery School and I could not imagine a more fun, warm and nurturing place for my children to spend their pre-school years.  Both Fanny and the teachers, who have been there for years, are absolutely delightful, caring and able to create a very special bond with the children they care for.  There is great a sense of community to Ladybird that I have loved my family to be part of. My kids have loved every single day of their journeys there and my eldest, who is now in school, is always looking forward to visit (and a big hug from her old teachers!) when there is the chance. 



 It is obvious that at Ladybird the main focus is to provide an outstanding environment for the children. All teachers are supportive of the children but also of the parents, which I found essential when I sent my eldest for the first time to nursery. Both my children and I have amazing memories at Ladybird, we will always miss it!



 Ladybird Nursery School has been nothing but a wonderful positive experience for our little girl Georgina.  The teachers are so very friendly, caring and immensely creative.  Its large garden is literally a breath of fresh air in the centre of town. Georgina has grown in knowledge, confidence and character because of her experience there -  from Little Ladybirds, through to Ladybird Nursery itself, and even afterwards now at Ladybird After School Club.  I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

Grace Marosova


 'My son adored his time at Ladybird, Fanny and her team create a wonderfully cosy, happy environment and know how to make learning fun, the wonderful outdoor space to run around was the icing on the cake'



 The Ladybird nursery school will surely be one of our best memory of London; our daughter loved it so much, she was so happy there! She enjoyed playing with her friends in the beautiful private garden and she learnt a lot with no pressure at all. Fanny, the headmistress, as well as all teachers, are very caring and show great attention to each child. I can't thank them enough for making our daughter so happy every single day!



 If you are lucky enough to send your child to ladybirds, you will have given your child the best start to their life in education, creativity and confidence. 



  Four happy children, endless fond memories, same helpful, loving and nurturing teachers. What more could a mom want? My children still want to go back and say hello to their nursery. They miss their friends and the caring and enriching environment they enjoyed in their early years. Fanny and her team cannot be replaced.