The Ladybird Nursery School

The Ladybird Nursery School

Very sadly after 43 years Ladybird will be closing it's doors for the last time in July 2018 due to the lease not being renewed.
There are however still spaces available from now until then!

Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School Life at The Ladybird Nursery School
"The most precious gift we can give to your
child is a love of being at school"

Day to Day

The door is opened at 9.00 and closed at 9.30, your child can arrive anytime within that timeframe. the morning ends at 12.30. The door is opened at 12.25 and closed at 12.40. We have a large assortment of resources which include role play, construction and design, educational games and creative play which the children can use as they wish. We use the Letterland system to teach the children their letters, using both audio and visual. Letterland is now available everywhere. All letter sounds are introduced phonetically. Each class also has an interactive whiteboard, which are used on a daily basis.

Between 10.00 and 11.00 each child is given individual instruction as
well as being encouraged to participate in group activities. In the
younger class, we focus on the basics of pencil control, colour and
shape recognition, the alphabet, numbers, fine motor and dexterity skills all with a strong emphasis on fun! In the older classes the fun continues but in a slightly more constructed format. Each child continues to have individual attention and the week is divided into two days for developing literacy and writing skills, one for nature and environmental projects and the remaining two for developing numerical skills.

Throughout the morning the children will also do a range of creative activities and project work which could involve painting, cooking and role play.

At 11.00 each class has a drink and some raisins or apple, unless there is a
birthday in which case we celebrate with 'pink biscuits' - a Ladybird
favourite! During this time ladybird stickers and stamps are' also

Weather permitting we spend at least 20 minutes in the garden at the end of the morning, after which they return to their classroom for a story before going home. Three times a week optional afternoon clubs are run which extends the day until 2.45.

Once a week each class has half an hour of dance and mime with a trained teacher and pianist. On a Friday each class has a half hour singing and percussion session with Pippa Poppets.

At the end of each term we have an event, which all the children work towards and participate in. For the Spring Term there is a theatrical extravaganza! For the Summer Term it is Sports Day which is held at Battersea Park and at the end of the Autumn Term a Christmas Concert and there is a party for the children with a visit from Father Christmas, if he is not too busy. Also at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms there is a Dancing Display which is an opportunity for you to enjoy the dance and mime class!